Cuba: Ready for Business?

US airline JetBlue will begin scheduled services to Cuba on August 31st, marking the latest step in the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States. Since President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raúl Castro announced in November 2014 the re-establishment of diplomatic relations after 54 years of… Read More

Resilience for Real Estate And Critical Infrastructure Projects

The built environment is subject to a wide and complex range of security-related threats and hazards. This is the result of an increasingly volatile global security landscape generated by the proliferation of terrorism, separatism, civil disorder and organised crime, an increasingly technologically-advanced approach to cybercrime, and the prevalence of attacks… Read More

AIFMD Meets Brexit

Key takeaways The outcome of Thursday’s UK referendum was that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union. The uncertainty of the UK’s next steps, and the new relationships ultimately that will need to be forged among the United Kingdom and the members states of the European Union, will impact… Read More

Summary of Events and What to Monitor for EM PE Fund Managers

The Summary of Events and What to Monitor for EM PE Fund Managers by Owen Lysak, Senior Associate of Clifford Chance: The U.K. voted to leave the E.U. on 23 June.  Legally, nothing has changed yet. The U.K. is still an E.U. member subject to the same rights and obligations. This… Read More

Case Study Sarona Frontier Markets Fund 2 (SFMF2)

Sarona Frontier Markets Fund 2 (SFMF2) is a USD 150M fund that invests in frontier and emerging market private equity funds, which in turn invest in small to midmarket companies. SFMF2 used a first-loss layer provided by the Canadian Government and a credit guarantee provided by the Overseas Private Investment… Read More

Financial Markets Toolkit – Brexit

Following the UK's vote to leave the EU, our team of Partners and lawyers from around the Clifford Chance network is available to answer questions on the impact on the financial markets (see our briefing Brexit: practical questions for corporate treasurers) as well as the implications for businesses across all sectors and… Read More

Brexit – The Morning After

Yesterday marked a tectonic movement in the UK’s relationship with the European Union when almost 52% of voters voted ‘leave’ as their choice in a historic referendum. The result of the vote has already led to market turmoil with the value of the pound dropping to its lowest level against… Read More

Excerpts from Impact of Early Stage Equity Funds in Latin America:NXTP Labs

In 2011, NXTP Labs, Latin America’s first regional accelerator, was founded by four Argentines — all successful entrepreneurs in their own right — as a way of supporting other ambitious would – be entrepreneurs who were just starting out. The firm makes $25,000 investments (and larger follow – on investments) in the region’s promising start – ups, and provides mentoring and advice to their… Read More

Implications for PE if the UK votes to leave the EU

On 23 June voters in Britain will decide in a referendum whether they wish to remain part of the European Union or to leave. A vote to leave would inevitably mean changes to the UK's relationship with the Union, many of which could have implications for Invest Europe members, wherever… Read More

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