Private equity in Africa maturing quickly

<p>EY's second annual study of value creation in Africa reveals an industry that is developing quickly, but in a measured way.</p> <p>There is now little doubt that PE firms in the region are creating value, particularly through hands-on involvement in the companies they back. In fact, African PE outperforms the… Read More

Private equity value creation in Europe

Private equity has consistently outperformed public equity markets, according to EY's analysis of the largest European businesses that PE has owned and exited over the past nine years. Results from 2013 add further weight to this. Read More

Private equity value creation in North America

EY's seventh study of value creation in North America highlights the flexibility of the PE model and its ability to generate outperformance throughout an economic cycle – most recently from pre-crisis through the downturn and now into recovery. The outperformance over comparable public markets is dramatic. In EY's sample of… Read More

Broadening Horizons: How do private equity investors create value?

Africa's remarkable momentum for growth continues, as does our ambition to provide investors with credible and trusted data on the Africa private equity and venture capital landscape. African private equity and venture capital landscape. This research offers key information on the ways in which private capital creates value and delivers… Read More

Who’s on a Value-creation Team?

After a PE firm acquires a company, the firm needs to assemble a team to put together a value-creation plan, sometimes known as the “100-day plan.” Mauro Bonugli of McGladrey explains who should be involved in the process, and how a firm's strategies inform who's at the table. … Read More

Political risk insurance opens doors to new regions

Political risk insurance can provide an effective hedging tool for private equity investors, and can help facilitate greater capital flow to key growth economies, says Justin Willmott at Sovereign Risk Insurance in this feature article from AltAssets Limited Partner Magazine. Read More

Investment Facilitation in Transitional and Fragile States

This paper outlines a new tool for policymakers to deploy to encourage private-sector development in developing nations. Specifically it argues that in fragile states there are systemic failures that cause an intermediation gap between sources of capital and entrepreneurs seeking investment. This gap prevents investment by raising transaction costs… Read More

China in Africa: Competing with China

Africa is becoming an ever increasingly attractive market for investors. This is most notable in the realm of new discoveries in the oil, gas and minerals sectors where 48 out of 54 African countries are currently engaged in prospecting activity. The phenomenal demand in China for African commodities, minerals… Read More

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