Southeast Asia Members Meeting & Holiday Reception

GPCA hosted the final Members Meeting of the year and a holiday reception on 5 December 2023 from 4:30 pm – 8 pm at 1880 Singapore. The interactive session presented a round-up of 2023, including a discussion on the fundraising environment and considerations of investors as we enter 2024. The… Read More

GPCA Training Session: Co-investments

Supported by Singapore Venture and Private Capital Association (SVCA), GPCA hosted a training on co-investments on 17 February 2023 from 3-4 pm SGT at the IFC Office in Singapore.Co-investments have proven to be a popular and critical component of the private equity landscape.In this training session, a panel of legal practitioners from White… Read More

Understanding the Private Credit Continuum: A Playbook for PE Investors

Private Capital firms are exploring partnerships with Private Credit investors as an alternative to navigate the new reality of equity markets. Understanding Private Credit’s instruments, their benefits and risks, and how Private Capital managers can incorporate them into their programs can be a challenge.   In this training, practitioner faculty addressed:  … Read More

ESG in Venture and Tech Investing 

Increasingly, investors in venture and technology must respond to questions on how their portfolio addresses ESG risks. However, understanding ESG in the context of technology, and creating internal processes to measure, track, and monitor it, looks very different than in traditional investments.   … Read More

GPCA Southeast Asia Members Program

GPCA hosted its first Members-only Meeting of 2023 on 17 February 2023, from 4-5:30 pm SGT at the IFC Office in Singapore. The interactive discussion leveraged an unparalleled network of senior industry investors, professionals, and sustainability leaders on their views on emerging ESG risks in Southeast Asia. Key takeaways from the discussion included:… Read More

Negotiating with Co-Investors  

Negotiating with Co-Investors in the GPCA Member Executive Education: Inside Private Capital Series will highlight the context for co-investment opportunities, and how to effectively close deals with LP partners. Practitioners from GPs leading co-investments, LPs who are engaging in the process, and Funds of Funds will speak to their experience… Read More

Southeast Asia Members Program & Cocktail Reception

GPCA held its final Southeast Asia Members Meeting and Pre-holiday cocktail reception of 2022 on 8 December, featuring an open members’ dialogue. The interactive session with a round-up of 2022 and review of LP priorities was also a timely preview of challenges and opportunities SE Asia investors will face in 2023. Read More

Alternative Fund Structures: From Conception to Execution

Alternative Fund Structures: From Conception to Execution training, practitioner faculty will address how to design and implement alternative fund structures such as continuation and evergreen funds. Participants will hear from Mehdi Gharbi, who headed the formation and oversight of AfricInvest’s innovative FIVE Fund, a permanent evergreen vehicle,… Read More

GPCA Investors Meeting

The Bloomsbury Hotel 16-22 Great Russell Street The inaugural GPCA Investors Meeting on November 29 in London will convene a highly curated group of GPCA Member Investors and global LPs to discuss key topics shaping the future of private markets. Participation is capped at 150 attendees. This one-day… Read More

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